/ Histone type: H4

H4 is one of the core histones. Two H4s and two H3s form H3-H4 tetramer via "hand shake" and "four helix bundle" motifs. Two H2A-H2B dimers then associate with H3-H4 tetramer to form complete nucleosome core. H4 is the most conservative histone type and has very few known variants. Structure of H4 has a histone fold domain and a flexible N-terminal tail. H4 provides sites for H2B interaction via "four-helix bundle" and forms a small β-sheet with H2Aa.
Above, alignments of curated sequences from all H4 variants have been combined to construct the phylogenetic tree. Most of the variants cluster in separate clades. Click on the taxa name to learn more about its variant.
Keys: red - identical residues, blue - different residues (if more than one sequence). For feature legend see summary tab.
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